Narson Body Mechanic N-6

Welcome to the home of the Narson Body Mechanic's 6-edge multifunction soft tissue mobilization tool. We call it the "N-6". We've spent years developing and refining the N-6 so that it takes advantage of the best of all soft issue instruments available throughout history. From the most ancient tools to the most modern soft tissue instruments on the market today, we've designed one that does it all. The N-6 combines the most popular and useful treatment edges used by physicians, therapists and training around the world to give you ONE incredibly useful multifunction tool.

The N6 is the Swiss Army Knife of Soft Tissue Mobilization Instruments…

The N6 Does it All

One Instrument For Treating All Tissues

  • Now you only need ONE tool for all treatment. With the N-6, you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Whether your treatment is focusing on small adhesions, lymphatic drainage to small or large joints/muscles or reducing adhesions within large muscle groups, everything you need i right there in your hands.

No More Cleaning Multiple Tools

  • The N-6 save time between patients by cleaning only 1 instrument

One instrument to take with you anywhere - fits in your pocket

  • The N-6 fits in your pocket and goes with you from patient to patient, treatment room to treatment room AND easily travels with you when working with athletes on field or traveling

Textured Grip Reduces Tool Slippage and Reduces Fatigue

  • No more tools slipping from your hands, no more rubber gloves. The N-6's textured grip reduces finger and hand fatigue by providing you with a more secure gripping surface (even with emollient and cream) so you can comfortably treat patients all day while still providing the high polished smooth treatment surface to deliver the ideal treatment.
  • With the N-6 you can ddliver fast-efficient-precise treatment, reduce your hand and finger fatigue, reduce tool slippage and save valuable time. Now you can have all the tools you need in your hand giving you the ability to give more effective treatment throughout the day, easily carry it with you wherever you go and NEVER miss a beat.

The N6: Superior Design for Superior Results.

I'm Dr. Todd Narson, a Chiropractic Sports Physician practicing in Miami Beach, FL. I have been certified in Graston Technique since 2002-2003. As many others, I've had extreme success treating chronic and acute soft tissue and sports injuries with Graston Technique and their stainless steel tools. However, after years of tools slipping fro my hands, my hand and fingers getting fatigued as the tools became more slippery during treatments throughout the day, having to change tools during treatment of the same patient, washing, cleaning and transporting multiple tools to and from different treatment rooms-I had to find a better way. I also found that there were some parts of the existing tools that i never used or needed, so i had to find something better. However, everywhere I looked, nothing existed that fit my needs. Everyone i spoke to was "mostly content" with what was available and no one offered any real solution. So with all the metal, wood and plastic soft tissue tools i accumulated over the years, I went to the drawing board and started designing.

After years of my testing different wood, ceramic, metal and plastic tools available on the market, I started combing the best and most useful elements of the tools I obtained into various designs. During this time my father injured his right shoulder and was unable to abduct his right shoulder. He was diagnosed with a torn supraspinatus with 2.5mm of retraction at the mho-tendon junction, his orthopedic surgeon (as well as orthopedic second opinion) told him he;d require surgery to repair the rotator cuff if he hoped to regain any function again. He called me and came in for an exam and treatment with his MRI in hand.

This was about the same time I finished my latest design of a new soft tissue instrument (of which there had been many). I had been playing with the design and had just finished refining the drawing the day he came in. As i was working on his shoulder, he was looking over my drawing and took a copy of the latest design back to his shop with him. Unbeknownst to me, he began taking my design and forging it into reality. He spent that week cutting, grinding and shaping it out of stainless steel. He brought it to me a week later and for the first time i held in my hands what i throughout was the perfect instrument to suit my needs. Over the next several months as we continued to treat his shoulder, we refined and improved the that instrument until it worked as I dreamed it would. Today, I'm proud to say that (to his surgeon's amazement) my father had a fully functional, pain free and strong rotator cuff, and we're proud to have developed the N-6 Multifunction Soft Tissue Mobilization Instrument along with his successful shoulder treatment.

Now, for the first time, I didn't have to change tools during treatment. I was able to seamlessly go from tissue to tissue changing techniques simply by turning the tool to the desired treatment edge. It was intuitive and I was able to flow from one treatment edge to the next as it was a natural extension of my hands. No longer did I have to clean multiple tools or stop treatment because tools became too slippery. It was faster, more efficient and everything I was looking for was finally right there in my hands. After cleaning it easily slipped into my pants pocket to go with me from patient to patient. No longer did I have to carry multiple tools, or go back somewhere in my office to find the one tool i happened to forget to bring with me. Or, bring the entire lot of tools with me. Now I have them all with me all the time in one. No lugging a pouch or tray of tools with me anymore. The N-6 was all I needed.

My father and I are proud to introduce the Narson Body Mechanic N-6 multi-treatment surface soft tissue mobilization tool. The N-6 was designed to be used with your preferred soft tissue mobilization techniques such as lymphatic drainage, cross-fiber, myofascial release, manual or active trigger point therapy, Gua-Sha, Graston Technique, FAKTR-PM or others. We've combined the best of all available tools on the market today, from the most ancient to the most technologically advanced and forged them into ONE convenient intuitive design at a reasonable and affordable price. This 1 instrument give you the functionality of an entire set of instruments at less than 20% of the cost.

Use the Narson Body Mechanic N-6 to effectively assess and treat multiple areas and tissue types without having to change tools.

The Narson Body Mechanic N6
Superior Design For Superior Results

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