Options and Accessories

Table Heights

Sidekick I Sidekick II
Standard Height 21”, other heights available.

Standard Height 21” (In order to increase height on

Sidekick II, the length of the table must be increased in proportion)

Standard Width 17.5”, other widths available Standard Width 18.5”, other widths available

Revolutionary "Clear View" Head Piece with "T" Shaped Openings (Relieves Pressure from the Eye

  • Two Tone Colors
  • Sewn-In Diagonal Stripes

Drop Sections

  • Lumbar
  • Pelvic
  • Thoracic

Toggle/Forward Motion Headpiece

  • 2 Step Toggle, Straight Down (Thompson Style)
  • Combination Toggle Headpiece, Switch between forward motion and straight

Ankle Rest Extension

Arm Rest

  • Side Kick I
  • Sidekick II

  • Attached Side Posture Pillow
  • Clear Protective Vinyl Cover
  • Bottom half of table
  • Face Area Protector
  • Business Card Holder
  • Face Paper Holder
  • Official C.C.S.P. or Sport Council patch on table and/or carting bags (members only)
  • Official F.I.C.S. crest on table and /or bags (members only)

If there is something you have always wanted on your portable table and it is not listed on our option list, please don't hesitate to ask as all of our tables are custom built.

Option availability and pricing subject to change.